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Setting Up the Android Development Environment

For a long time, I resisted buying a smart phone because the data plans were so expensive.  I had been using a T-Mobile prepaid plan on a basic phone that worked out to 10¢ a minute.  I was paying about … Continue reading

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Changing the HTML Editor for View Source in IE9

Let’s say that you would like to see the client side code for a web page you are viewing in Internet Explorer 9.  To do so, you would right-click the page and select View source.  This would pop up the … Continue reading

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DOCTYPE Declarations

The first thing that should be in your HTML files is a DOCTYPE declaration.  In the past, I have simply copied them when I have used them at all, without really thinking about what was in them.  Today, I have … Continue reading

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Displaying the Correct Time for Your Time Zone

Let’s say that you want to display the time on your HTML page.  You could do it like this in test.html: <html> <body> <!–#config timefmt=”%I:%M %p %Z” –> <p><!–#echo var=”DATE_LOCAL”–></p> </body> </html> That works fine as long as your ISP … Continue reading

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Displaying a Copyright Year on an HTML Page

Let’s say that you’re building a large website in HTML.  The client wants to display a copyright declaration on each page of the site using the current year.  If the year is hard-coded on the site on each page, this … Continue reading

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Turning on SSI in Apache on a Linux Server

Turning on Server Side Includes on my ISP’s Apache server turned out to be HTML quite easy.  All I needed to do was add the following lines to the .htaccess file in the directory where the pages reside: Options +Includes … Continue reading

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Turning on SSI in IIS on a Windows Server

If you are testing your HTML files with SSI calls on a Windows server, you will need to set options to allow SSI to be interpreted on the server side.  The following are the steps I took to set up … Continue reading

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Including HTML Files in an HTML File

Let’s say that you are building a site with several different HTML pages.  You want them all to have the same template and menu structure.  This would require a lot of duplicated code in each page of the site.  Wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Getting Started with PHP

If you want to set up your Windows computer to test PHP pages, you will need to set up IIS first.  When I had Windows XP, I had to buy the Professional version of the operating system to get IIS.  … Continue reading

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